21-year-old rapper Cam The Artisan is an eclectic standout breaking through the crowded Atlanta field as one of it’s most refreshing new acts. In a city known for gritty, 808-heavy trap music, Cam The Artisan is forging his path as a lyrical and spiritual MC, speaking on the highs and lows of early adulthood. The resulting music is a perfect blend of authenticity, introspection, and soulful Hues. Cam's raw emotions have gained him a loyal, dedicated fanbase, who often share how his music has helped them navigate some of life’s trickiest moments.

Earlier releases like 2017’s “Swim” and “Vibe Out Lady” helped Cam The Artisan build a regional buzz, but his breakthrough 2018 single “Bliss” launched him globally. The official music video for “Bliss” garnered 16,000+ YouTube views, and the single boasts over a million Spotify streams. Building off of the positive response to “Bliss", Cam released his first full-length project "Hues" in February 2019 with a sold-out release party in Downtown Atlanta.

Since dropping "Hues" Cam has opened for notable acts like Deante' Hitchcock and Mir Fontane, and in August 2019 was selected by Sprite for their "Thirst For Yours" national campaign highlighting the most exciting independent acts across the nation. Having recently released a visual for Hues standout “WYA?!”, and performing on the BMI stage at ONE Musicfest’s 10-year anniversary event in September...2019 marks a major turning point for Cam The Artisan.